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Be Present

I am on float 27 of #90Floatsin90Days; personally, this practice has been a game-changer. I find myself more relaxed and capable of being in the #present moment. Something I have spent the last 20 years or more trying to accomplish. Phsycially, I have been able to tolerate the increased time on my feet and the reduction in sleep that is required when opening a business. I can only attribute this to my daily yoga and floating routine. While I have experienced stiffness in my back, it is nothing like the pain I have had in the past.

We have been open a week now, and so much as happened in these past 7 days.

The Open House was a 'delicious' success, thanks to Prino’s (, @SweetHavenConfections, and Jayne Finney! We raffled off great prizes, with help from @Aja Stained Glass, @Zonia’sRainbow, and Karen’s Creations. We received a few 5-star reviews on Google and Yelp and a slew of Facebook recommendations. We have been given helpful feedback and had over 30 people leave here happy and relaxed. We have #floatfamily now (memberships) and rebooks!

Of course, we have also had cancellations, 40 loads of laundry, my first hair color stained towels, and a learning curve with the software, but nothing that has really stressed me out. (I did say game-changing, right?!)

I have been very emotional over the last few weeks. I have been humbled by the people who have demonstrated that they are in our corner, in ways big and small, from encouraging texts to showing up early and staying late to help get the doors open, to ordering the food and giving tours. I need to shout out the North Anne Arundel Chamber of Commerce for arranging the Ribbon Cutting, Anne Arundel Economic Development Corporate for their continued support, and everyone that has helped spread the word about #floattherapy. I am encouraged by every one of you and by the smiles on the faces of people leaving #RedLotusFloatSpa. I don’t mind the long hours, at least not yet 😊.

There is still so much for me to do, to learn, and to enjoy. This, my #floatyfriends, is my message of the week – be present with all the feelings – the pleasant, the painful, the confusing, the fantastic – simply be present with them. This is a #goal that I have been striving for and I am making progress, thanks to #floating.

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