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5 Tips for Salty Meditation

I recently posted on social media a request for future blog topics. I was excited that the post generated some great conversations and ideas. If there is something you would like to know about #floatationtherapy or #InfraredSauna, please email me at

The first topic in the queue is tips for meditation in the #floatcabin, but first, I want to shout out the book The Miracle of Mindfulness by Thich Nat Han. This book simplified and demystified meditation for me. It is a relatively quick read and worth checking out if you want to know more about #mindfulness.

TIP #1: Prepare yourself physically

I have ADHD, with an emphasis on H. 😊 I am almost always in motion of some sort, and sitting still for meditation had been a real challenge over the years. I was very excited when I learned about #walkingmeditation (here is an article about it), but of course, that won't work in the float. Then, I was introduced to the practice of yoga. I am naturally flexible and immediately took to #yoga like a fish to water. However, it took me years to develop a consistent daily practice.

One of the benefits of owning #RedLotusFloat is being able to do my yoga in the Infrared Sauna every morning. The heat of the sauna relaxes me, increases my circulation, flexibility, and joint mobility, boosts my immunity and I burn a few extra calories as a bonus. I am thoroughly grounded and rid of any nervous or abundant energy when I walk out of the sauna, ready to #fullyrelax.

You may find other forms of grounding your physical energy helpful – such as breathwork or simple stretching. Another fun technique is to go body part by body part (foot, ankle, calf, etc.) and tighten up the muscles, hold and then release. Breathe in for the tightening and breathe out when relaxing the muscles.

It is equally important to attend to any other distracting physical needs – Funk mouth, sharp hunger, full bladder, etc. (Float tip here – don’t shave right before your session, that would definitely create a physical distraction!)

Tip #2: Prepare yourself mentally.

This is your opportunity to set your intention for your float mediation. Choose a mantra to repeat over and over in the float, a mental picture to focus on, pick a meditation medallion at our front desk, or decide you don't care to have a focus point. You may remind yourself why you are meditating and what benefits you hope to get out of it – relaxation, clarity, peacefulness, oneness with your spiritual center, joy, etc.

Tip #3: Breathe and be present

This is so important that the word breathe is imprinted on the back of our business cards. Take a breath as you step into the float. Take another deep and deliberate breath as you sit down and begin to lean back into the silky folds of the water. Take an even deeper breath as you lay your head in the water and fully relax as you exhale. Be present in your body and open yourself to the world’s biggest mystery – your innermost self.

Tip #4: Focus

If you have selected a word or mental picture to focus on, now is the time. If you haven’t, you can focus on your breathing or your heartbeat or even the starry lights in the cabin. You may find that your mind wanders off, keep coming back to your chosen focus point, #nojudgement.

I have used floating as an opportunity to look for answers to challenges I am facing. It might go something like this. “OK. I really need help with how to handle employee training. Any insight would be helpful.” Then, and this is the most important thing for me, I settle in to the water and focus. I get as quiet as I can be, focusing on my heartbeat or my breathing and wait. As one client pointed out, 'I find the sound of my breathing comforting.' My mind will do what it does, scamper here and there, but I do not attach myself to any of it or chastise myself for ‘thinking.’

I observe, and very often, the answer will materialize. It might be a concrete answer, such as “Hey, let’s just make some basic training videos,” or it may be ‘wait’ or talk to this person or take this step, even if it isn’t the actual end solution. And sometimes I fail asleep. This brings me to my last tip.

Tip #5: Let go of the outcome.

There is no ‘right’ way, no ‘correct’ experience. You may get in the zone one time, only to have your next #meditation completely mismanaged by your #monkeymind. You can physically prepare yourself to settle into the calm and mentally prepare yourself with a focus point, but I implore you to consider the exercise, whatever happens, something or nothing, successful. Not every turn at bat is a home run.

A final thought on meditation and floating. Have fun with it and try different things. Try #floating without the lights or music on or just the starry lights, use your own playlist or guided meditations, you can even ask for a different color light in our cabins if you like. #letusknow how we can create an environment perfect for you.

Here’s to an ever-deepening understanding of ourselves and the universe.

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