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a Tandem, A Random and 7 Floaters

Days 7, 8 and 9 out of #90Floatsin90Days

I haven’t blogged in a few days because life has been #intense. However, I have floated every day and have much to report.

Float 7 was my first tandem float with my husband. It was moving and enjoyable, although we would have done well to discuss our expectations before getting into the tank. Such as, do you want music or silent, do you want to hold hands, lock feet, or just randomly bump into each other like we are lost at sea? None-the-less, it was a lovely experience, and just another reason I am so in love with my husband. He would try almost anything for me, and I am incredibly happy to check out new things with him.

For float 8, I tried the #deluxecabin by myself. I appreciated the spaciousness, although I found myself traveling in the cabin. I am not sure why, but I went so deep on this float that it felt like I was somehow cheated out of time and cut short. So much so that I checked the time to verify!

Conversely, on float 9, I cut short myself. Even though it was late in the day, I had caffeine and couldn’t ‘chill out.’ I was convinced that Mike, who was working at the float, had extended my float as a joke. Finally, so frustrated with my wandering mind, I got out with what turned out to be 4 minutes to go. Funny how each float has been so different, depending on a variety of details.

Pic cred goes to Allysia Grace
Self Portrait of a Floater

The REAL news is that over that last few days, we had an unofficial soft opening – meaning that we hosted a few people in to float, even though not everything is up and running smoothly. They used the infrared sauna and the float cabins, both the standard and the deluxe. It was heartwarming, nerve-racking, satisfying, and challenging all at the same time. Each person expressed enjoying their experience, and I was ecstatic to see their #postfloatglow. Of the 7 floaters, 4 were new to floating. The feedback from the experienced floaters and the newbies was invaluable, and their excitement was just the encouragement I needed to plow through the hurdles of the next week or so. It was nice to get a few reviews for #RedLotusFloat out of the deal as well.

This brings me to the ‘random’ story of the week. My husband and his friend were at the float working on things, with the back door open and the front door unlocked. They were in the lobby when they heard someone come in the back door. They looked at each other curiously and then went to investigate. There was a woman in the bathroom with the door half-open, standing at the sink, rinsing her face off. Mike asked her if she was ok. She said yes, so he shut the door for her to have some privacy.

Now I feel I need to interject here – THIS is one of the many reasons I adore my husband. As he is telling me the story, I am like ‘What the Heck? Who just walks in some random business’s back door?” but my good-natured husband wants to know if she is alright.

After coming out of the bathroom, she explained that she found herself feeling ill and tried to find the bathroom in the restaurant next door but ended up escaping out the back just in time to be sick. Once she was done throwing up, she found herself embarrassed AND locked out of the restaurant. She simply went into the first open door she could find, and now, she had no idea how to get back to the family.

So, the cool part is, unwittingly, we have already provided relief and refuge for the weary. #Youneverknowwhoyoucanhelp

Thanks for sharing this journey with me, my #floatyfriends, till the next installment.

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