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Breathe, trust but Verify

So, the tanks are on their way! I should be ecstatic but instead I am anxious. Why you ask?

Well, we have had multiple contractors in the building, since we basically gutted the space to do what is necessary. They haven’t been exactly respectful to our property, with miscellaneous damage, including our brand-new floor, missing items, paper towels clogged in the toilet and miscellaneous other nonsense.

Now, we are going to have our float cabins on site. What the entire business is built around, and they will have to work around them. I have to trust that they will not ruin.

The struggle is real to remain in the moment and trust the process.

Being on the road can't stop me from getting it done!

So, today I focus on what I can do – make sure these contractors are paid on time, are treated with respect, even if I am not feeling respected and continue to work on what is mine. I will leave the construction matters and holding the trades accountable to my husband. God Bless Him!

The real message here – breathe, trust the process yet safeguard what needs safeguarding.

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