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Day 4 of 90-Sometimes More IS Better

Super peaceful is the only way to describe today. #FloatTherapyWorks!

I started with a half-hour in the Infrared Sauna. Today was the first day I took my morning yoga routine into the Sauna. I have so been looking forward to it, and it was as delicious as I had hoped. I felt stretched, strong, and ready to relax.

I chose to have starry lights that twinkled in colors of blue and purple with ocean sounds on. It is my goal to experience the many different aspects of the float cabins here.

Typically, I prefer silent darkness, as it alleviates the over-stimulation of life in the mind of someone like me with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. I am not much for labels, such as ADHD, but it is useful in describing one aspect of the way I process the world. Picture sitting at your computer, with about 15 tabs open, moving back and forth between the pages, while listening to the radio and people watching outside the window.

Okay, this describes my current situation perfectly. Funny, I didn't mean to do that.

As I said, my mind is in constant GO mode with a tremendous amount of information happening all at once. So, silent darkness provides a relief that I can only reach through meditation or floating.

Back to the float, I was able to reach a mental state that, for me, is somewhere between being awake and asleep. Several times I felt like the lights had turned on bright, only to open my eyes to find out that was not the case. There was still just the flickering of the starry lights.

I had a string of thoughts at the beginning. I thought about this blog and how I neglected to mention in yesterday’s post that I was able to share my experience with my friend and co-conspirator, Tina. It was the first time I got to spend time in the Infrared Sauna with a friend. It was roomy and quite enjoyable, but then again, her company is always delightful. Tina is not only the person that I have bounced a thousand ideas off of during this adventure but the owner of @ZoniasRainbow. Check out her fantastic array of salts and bath bags. High-quality products at an affordable price.

After about 5 minutes (I think – time is weird in the float), I was able to settle down and get in the zone. I don't even remember playing with my positions much, as I usually do.

I came out refreshed and ready to bang out a very long list of ‘To Do’s.’ Now, I must get back to that list! 😉 Have a fabulous day, my floaty friends.

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