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don’t be distracted by the minutiae and focus on the important things.

A Small Preview of the Madness :)

It continues to be a wild ride here @RedLotusFloat! We have float cabins ( with no place to go yet), we have the MacDaddy Infrared Sauna (damaged), we have a hope and prayer that we can get through the next inspection in time to be ready for the Superior guys to put the cabins together next week. We have ear plugs, is it silly that this makes me happy? Really, we have a basement full, a big ‘ol pile in my office, and furniture stored at a friend’s. Red Lotus has even spilled out to a pod in the parking lot out back and our living room. #Ineedafloat

It is getting real people and I am so excited I could bust some days. Other days, I am overwhelmed by the learning curve, what I still need to ‘figure out’ and how MANY things there are still to do or buy. Thanks to my years of working at Aerotek/Allegis, my awesome business partner, aka husband, and my incredible fortune of having really smart and creative friends, I feel like I can face almost anything. One foot in front of the other – that is the way you climb a mountain – or open a #float business!

The most exciting thing is that our online store is now up and running and the first special has started. That was the goal I set for myself last week and thanks to some help, we got it done!

Today my focus it getting tasks checked off my ‘to do’ list, not the fun stuff like ordering salt lamps, but the ones that challenge me, make my frustrated, make me wish I could subcontract it all out!

The real message here – Don’t be distracted by the minutiae and focus on the important things. Set priorities and forge forward!

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