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Hold on and do that ‘next’ thing

My last day at my corporate job was May 3rd. It was an intense day full of heartfelt ‘good byes’ and cheerful ‘good lucks’. Since then I have visited friends and traveled to see family. I have bought items for the new business, made dozens of decisions, with literally a hundred more to make. I have kept my same morning regiment with a 5:30 am wake up time, yoga, meditation, two cups of coffee and a listening to something inspirational or educational on YouTube, audio book or podcast. My ADHD and Tasmanian tendencies are in full effect - there is still so much to do.

Construction has really ramped up and we are bleeding money and while I would love to say I am unruffled, that is not the case. Actually, I was good until I realized that I will have beautiful bones for the business, as we have spared no expense in the construction, only to find there really isn’t enough money for furniture. Well, that should make the Relaxation Room pretty interesting.

What I do know is that today, I have given myself the following tasks – choose a credit card company to give a percentage of my profits to. I am not happy about this but it is the way of the world today – everybody gets a piece. Figure out how to sell gift cards – I have had two requests already and for someone who just figured out she needs money to provide a place for butts to sit, I had better get busy with this one! Create a waiver – cover thy ass. Additionally, I have to run to Home Depot to pick up lights and bathroom fans – everybody will appreciate the bathroom fans! AND go to YOGA.

All that said – what I am really doing right now – writing this blog post. Did I mention the ADHD? I am hopeful by doing this brain dump and poking a little fun at the chaos that is my brain, I can now go kick butt and take names or just maybe accomplish my ‘to do’s’. Wish me luck!

The real message here – hold on and do that ‘next’ thing.

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