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Keep Your Commitments and Dream Big

This past week has been a whirlwind! Honestly, the entire year has been. Considering we have been working at this dream for almost two years now, it is almost surreal that opening day it tomorrow!

I have spent most of my days here at the float over the last two weeks. During that time, there have been many people at the door, asking if we are open, what kind of spa this is, etc. I had one lady who appeared annoyed that I couldn’t do her eyebrows.

We also had a gentleman come later in the evening, with a hearing impairment. He had a paper and pen with him so that he could ask me questions. He thought it was a place for a massage, but Mike walked him through, showing him the Infrared Sauna and the Float Cabin. He seemed very pleased with the tour, smiling as he left. I was left disappointed that I could not sign ‘Your welcome’ to his ‘Thank you.’ Thanks to my friend Michelle, I am hoping to make a video of the introduction walk-through in sign language, so that if he, or anyone else who may need it, come in, they can watch it and feel safe to experience floating.

As for the floating, my experiences have grown intense. They often leave me feeling a sense of complete peace regardless of the list of ‘To Do’s.’ This week I had a two-hour float for the first time, it was lovely, and I felt both relaxed and energized from it! I have come to crave both the sauna and the float. I am not sure I will want to give it up when the 90 days are over. That said, I can also see how I could quickly get out of the habit and fill my time with other things. I will cross that bridge when I get there. I still have 70 more days left!

Tomorrow's float might be a challenge since it is opening day, and I will have so much on my mind. However, a deal is a deal, and I promised myself this. So often, I bail on promises to myself, but not this time! It is on, and I am in the process. 😊

A few last-minute thank yous to Steve @ Superior Float Tanks and Tammy and Justin Gentry. All three of them made sure that my intro and exit tracks for the floats were ready to go for the morning. I should also mention that Mike and his friend Jamie were working through putting the last piece of furniture together.

As they would say on the A-Team – "I love it when a plan comes together!"

The message here, keep your commitments, even if they are to yourself and dream big!

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