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Open House, Discovery & Forgiveness

Floats 10 - 13

I must admit that I didn’t think through my goal to do #90floatsin90days and blog about it daily. It has added a challenging layer, being that we are in the final push to open. Yet, at the same time, it has ensured that I am spending time on self-care and is allowing me to discover, or bond if you will, with my equipment and what they can do!

I have, as you may have noticed, given myself a break on blogging daily as initially intended. I have kept true to floating once a day. At times it has proven to test my resolve, but it has been so worth it!

To accomplish a ‘float’ every day, I have had to be creative. Floating late in the evening, in the middle of the day between appointments, or early in the morning after doing yoga in the infrared sauna. I have shown up places with wet hair, wrestled with the SoulCap when really needed, promised myself it was worth getting up early because I could sleep in the float, and have even gone to bed with wet hair. The best part, I am still digging it! My experiences continue to range from a deep, restorative sleep, a monkey mind, a trance-like place of consciousness, or solely focusing on my breath and giving my aching body a break.

The one happy surprise for me is how much I am loving the #InfraredSauna. I was excited to move my morning yoga practice to the sauna, but I had no idea how much I would enjoy it there. Today, I spent 45 minutes in it and felt super relaxed for the time spent.

It is precisely 7 days and a wake up until we open our doors here @RedLotusFloat, and I am so very excited that I have cried several times from the sheer overwhelming sense of gratitude and anticipation I am experiencing. I have also experienced some serious WTH moments, as the list of what still needs to be done seems daunting. Either way, we will open, so I am doing my level best to stay in the excited, not the terrified.

My overjoy at the upcoming Open House and Ribbon Cutting is palpable. I love that people will win great prizes, eat some really delicious food and have a peek at the Float Cabins and Infrared Sauna!

Ribbon Cutting & Open House - November 5th

Again, I need to give my #AmazingHusband a HUGE shout out! He really is the superstar and everything he accomplishes puts us that much closer to being ready. The lobby is almost ready. I need to buy a few things but wanted to see it put together before I made any further purchases.

I have no ‘funny’ stories this week, but I do have a few additional shout outs. Thank you to the friends that have forgiven me for being a bit out of touch or in one case, totally forgetting a commitment. Fortunately, I can honestly say that it is not like me. Thank you to the family and friends that have stopped by, met me for lunch nearby, or came by to help me get things ready. Thank you for cheering me on, supporting me, and offering your advice and support. Mike and I are grateful beyond words for every bit of it. We believe that what we are doing is for the greater good. I don’t personally know anyone that has gotten rich from the ‘Float Therapy’ business, but I have had the fortune of meeting a good number of them that have found something so much more satisfying than money. The chance to help our fellow humans experience bliss or relief in a way they had not before. I have known for a very long time that my journey in this life was about helping others. It wasn’t until now that I know how I am to do that.

Until the next installment, my #floatyfriends, be well.

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