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Opening a business, just like life, is a marathon not a sprint.

The last week here at @RedLotusFloat has been intense.

In order to move on to our next tasks we needed to get the building cleared of all the construction trash. So, I got my first taste of construction cleanup and dump runs. Not something I want to do on a daily, but I tried to look at it as my own personal #CrossFit sessions. Shout out to the family and friends that showed up to help and continue to support us with our #LaborofLove. The awesome part is that it is starting to look like an actual place of business.

Date Night @RLFS

With the debris gone and the ceiling tiles up, we were finally at the stage that we could put together our Infrared Sauna. Fun Fact: it took triple the time the manufacturer indicated to put together. Imagine our horror when we discovered that they sent us the wrong model! You should know that the room it sits in was BUILT TO THE SPECIFICATIONS PROVIDED FOR THE MODEL WE PURCHASED. What this means is that we cannot open the sauna door completely. ‘Well isn’t that special’, said in my best Saturday Night Live Church Lady voice. #HumorintheHorror Still waiting for a solution from the company we purchased it from. ☹

Next, we take off the ‘protective’ covering to our floors, only to find that they will need to be redone, badly. Bubbles, creases, imperfections abound. Punch in the gut number two. The upshot is that the company is going to fix it and they say it will take them two days, plus two days of not walking on the floor – another week bites the dust.

Starting to look like a Real Bathroom

Our construction should be done this Friday, which is BEYOND exciting! The best news of the week is that we got Fire Marshall approval. This leaves us with our final plumbing inspection and then sign off by the building inspector. Once we have these and the floors are done, we can start moving in. There will still be much to do but we will be in the home stretch.

I have two funny stories to leave you with.

Woops - in you go!

First, while I was out of town my son, Jake, was tending to the floats, as they need daily maintenance. During the cleaning process for the double float, he fell in and sent me a picture to commemorate the event. Hilarious, especially since he was lucky enough not to get salt in his eyes. That would not have been so funny.

Second, during construction we have had many people wander in and ask what kind of business we are or when we will be open. Inquiring minds want to know. However, something happened last week that now has the contractor keeping the door locked while he is there. An unidentified man showed up in a robe ready to float. Seriously, in his robe, excited and ready to go! He obviously knows the benefits of #floatationtherapy. He must have been so disappointed. Soon Mr, Robe Man, soon.

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