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Positive focus changes my attitude from grumbling to gratitude!

Here we are with the end of August, the end of summer, the end of another season and Red Lotus Float Spa is still not open. This could be a source of complete terrifying, paralyzing fear or it could be an opportunity to focus on the blessings that have occurred along the way. True, the construction, the permits, the events of life have not occurred as I would like and we have had to push back the opening multiple times. However, we have been met at the level of our needs every step of the way.

When my father died, I did not have to pay extortion airline fares because I was already scheduled to be in Nevada with my parents and since we weren’t open yet, I didn’t have to scramble to make arrangements for the spa. When there was an accident on site, no one was seriously injured. When the ceiling didn’t get closed in when expected, we were able to identify a leak that would have been a problem down the road. When people ask us anxiously when we are opening and I don't have a solid answer, I could feel embarrassed or ashamed, or I could be excited knowing that people are looking forward to floating!


So much of life is out of my control, however, my attitude is 100% my choice. Today, as we pass yet another date where I expected to be opened and we are not, I will choose to be grateful for what has gone right, for the people that continue to be supportive and encouraging and focus on what I can get done. I choose to have an attitude of gratitude!

The real message here: Positive focus changes my attitude from grumbling to gratitude!

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