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Removing Barriers

Day 5 of 90

I am starting to really enjoy beginning my day in the quiet of the #InfraredSauna doing my yoga and following it up with a #FloatSession. I think I could really get used to it! Today, both the yoga and the float were a solid 8.

I enjoyed some meditation sounds and twinkle lights and then #nothingness. It was delightful.

However, today I thought we could talk about one of the technicalities of floating. Like how does a woman like me, who washes her hair twice a week (can you say DRY?) go to washing her hair twice a day, every day? Yes, you wash your hair before the float to remove any product in it. Then you wash your hair after to remove the salt and add product (conditioner) back in! With a regular schedule of floating, this wouldn’t be a big deal, but floating 90 days in a row presents me with a bit of a challenge.

Do tell me more

Today I used this challenge to vet out one of the products I purchased for #RLFS. It is called the SoulCap, and according to the float collective that I belong to, it is a hit with the African America community. Obviously, I am not African American, but I do understand that they experience different hair challenges, and washing their hair too often can present a barrier to floating. Much like the problem I am presented with and I am all about removing barriers.

I read up and took the advice of my fellow #AfricanAmericanFloatOwners and bought one. I tried it – I liked it – I will buy more! My hair remained dry, all except a little bit at the nape of my neck. I will chalk that up to user error. It might be ridiculous, but I feel a small personal victory figuring out something that a whole bunch of people already knew, lol. I am a work in progress.

Feel free to let me know if there are other technicalities you want to hear about. Have a fabulous day #myfloatyfriends

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