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Small Changes Count and Stop The Struggle

Day 45 out of #90Floatsin90days

I continue to have a sublime experience on this float journey. While there have been no intense visions or out of body experiences, it has been a beautiful process of coming to understand things I had only previously mentally conceptualized.

Today I chose to float in the deluxe cabin, which has room enough for at three of me. I don’t typically float in ‘The Deep,’ because if I go dark (no lights) like I prefer to, it takes me forever to find the door if I need it. However, the double needed some scrubbing, so I was already going to be in it.

I turned the lights and music off but left the starry lights on the ceiling. As is my usual practice now, I got into a comfortable position, took a deep breath, and said audibly ‘Thank you.’ I focused on my breathing and quickly relaxed my entire body.

I watched the lights on the top of the cabin, feeling adrift at sea. I realized that while I could NOT feel any movement, I could see that I WAS moving because of the changing position of the cabin lights. This thought started me on a tangent, a new stream of consciousness.

It occurred to me that this is life. While the positive habits I am applying in my life today can often feel inconsequential, they are indeed very impactful. I neglect to recognize the changes because of the small, incremental ways that they move me. Yet they DO move me, ever so slowly towards the person I was meant to become. I will forever be a work in progress, but how reassuring is it to know that each small change has an impact, no matter how imperceivably.

The next train of thought happened as I bumped the edge of the cabin. I resisted the urge to push away from the side and let the natural movement continue. As I have come to expect, I slowly moved away from the edge. No-fuss, no need to adjust, relax, and go with the flow. I wondered how often I had created my own pain, frustration, problems but pushing against life — perceiving the edges as dangerous or uncomfortable, to be avoided. When in actuality, I needed to relax and let the ebb and flow of life happen. I do NOT need to be #incontrol, nor do I need to continually #judging something is good or bad – It merely is.

As the operator of Red Lotus Float Spa and someone who has propelled their #selfcare in a whole new category, the totality of my new life has been both dramatically different and quietly subtle. My ‘work’ hours have increased even beyond the OT hours I put in at my old corporate job, but the quality of those hours has exponentially improved. I have the opportunity to take better care of myself, to nurture my spiritual evolution, and to answer a calling. Yet, I have to say that my very favorite part of my new life is that I have the privilege of creating space for others to experience relaxation, and themselves in a whole new way! Watching people #float out of the door, feeling amazing, is a thrill for me. Reading their notes in our journal, admiring their art and their honesty, give me a high I cannot explain. I am in awe that this is what I get to do every day.

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