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Time is short, Take responsibility for what you can control.

December has basically come and gone, and I will have two blog posts to show for it 😊. Regardless, the floating has continued, and the results express themselves in my physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.

My mom has been visiting from Nevada for the past month. She will leave in two days, and I will be saddened to see her go. She thought I might be glad to get back to a "normal" routine – I told her there is nothing normal about my routine anyway. I am still figuring out my new normal at #RedLotusFloatSpa. I have been present with her, and I am grateful for every story I hear, new or old, every meal and every card game!

There was minimal shopping done this year, cash and gift cards reigned supreme except for the grandchildren. I tell you all this to say that although I put minimal effort into the outward trappings of the commercial Christmas season, I felt the Spirit deeply.

I felt compassion and patience with myself and others. I realize that everyone is in a different place in their lives, and I have learned to accept situations with much more #grace than I used to. I was able to put most of the long list of IDEAL to-dos’ away and have a great holiday even though the house wasn’t picture-perfect, and I didn’t have a single legendary gift to give. I was able to #bepresent with my family and genuinely enjoy my crazy mother, my saintly husband, and my off-center children. 😊 I even remembered to snap a few pictures along the way!

It was the first Christmas without my father. We missed him, but we were able to share in the loss and enjoy each other, cherishing the days.

What does any of this have to do with #floating, you may ask?

Nothing and everything all at once. Technically I demonstrated discipline, and regardless of what the schedule has been, I have floated every day. This #discipline has allowed me some very important #selfcare and #meditation time. This self-care routine has enabled me to experience a new level of mindfulness previously unattainable.

Another huge bonus of my floating (and #InfraredSauna yoga) is less pain. Although I spent hours on my feet cooking during the holiday, it was NOT followed by days of aching. Yes, I was sore that evening, but it was not #PAIN, and I was fine the following day. This is a first! It makes me hopeful for the future!

One of my concerns about growing old and quite honestly, my biggest motivator, is the fear of being trapped in a pain-filled body that I cannot escape. I watched my father suffer tremendously for years. Finding ways that can alleviate my pain now encourage me to take what control I can over my destiny. After all, there are some things we cannot control, but certainly, there are things we can. I can control what goes in my mouth, what comes out of my mouth, what thoughts I choose to believe, and how I take care of the body my spirit has been entrusted to.

Some people love to point out the joggers that get hit by a car in their prime or the vegetarian that dies from spoiled spinach, thus making a joke of their efforts. Reality is that if I disregard my body, abusing it with food, physical inactivity, ignoring physical symptoms, or participating in risky behaviors, I could very well live long enough to be miserable in my own skin. Better to plan to be in a healthy body for a long time and have my life cut short than the other way around!

Whatever you chose to do to nourish your mind, body, and spirit, I wish you a beautiful #newyear, full of joy, compassion, good health, inner peace, and love. May you be blessed. May you be happy.

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