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What is there to love about being a Float Owner?

First and foremost, I LOVE that I get to witness the difference that floating can make in a person's life. It is like having a front-row seat to an incredible show and knowing that you set the stage. While I am not the 'reason' for the relief, joy, or the relaxation people experience, I recognize that Mike and I have created a space that allows for these things to happen. We have the privilege and responsibility to maintain a safe and enjoyable atmosphere that allows for a deeply personal experience. One of the reoccurring (and treasured) comments we get is, "Thank you for opening." It is a not so subtle reminder that I am right where I need to be.

Secondly, float centers draw interesting, creative, inspiring, and compassionate people, and it is easy to adore those who have crossed our threshold. I have had so many great conversations over the last three months. #LoveOurFloatyFriends I came from a corporate culture that valued relationships, and I am so excited that I get to do that on a different level these days. I was apprehensive about being 'lonely' leaving my previous job, and it turns out that is not the case.

Third on the list is partnerships! Let's start with my business, life, and tandem float partner, Mike! Working with him has been very gratifying, and I consider myself blessed to be in this together.

I would be remiss if I didn't talk about the #challenge of owning and operating your own business, much less a #floatspa. However, this still makes it on my list of what I love about being a #FloatOwner. I have spent the last 27 years of my life testing the boundaries of my comfort zone and pushing myself to find my purpose. I feel as though I have found what I am supposed to be doing right now and believe that every challenge is simply an opportunity to grow and develop into a better human being. In the spirit of full transparency, Mike takes on the tasks that are too big and scary for me. I know I need to learn more about the mechanics of the floats, but that does terrify me. So, there are still mountains to climb! #EmbraceYourChallenges

The last on the list is what brought me to #floating in the first place – healing. I came to the float cabin to find pain relief. I found that and so much more. I found mental calm, a sense of surety in an uncertain world, a greater sense of purpose, and a stronger inner resolve. I have physically healed, lost weight, gained strength and stamina, and loosened pains evil grip. I have become ever-increasingly aware of my emotions and how I 'feel' them in my body and their effect on my spirit. This awareness has helped me to address more painful emotions that I often try to bury. I have also come to appreciate the more pleasant feelings I have without fear of the proverbial 'shoe dropping.'

There is much need for healing in the world these days, but healing must start with self. My sincere belief is that my healing spills over onto those around me, and in turn, their healing will do the same. I know that hurt people hurt people, so it stands to reason that healed people allow others to heal as well. I am humbled to think that what we are doing here at #RedLotusFloatSpa can and will make a positive difference in this world.

May you be well, my #FloatyFriends.

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