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What to wear and who are you?

Today is day 6 and I treated myself to an entirely silent and dark float. I spent almost the entire time in and out of ‘consciousness,’ it was dreamy. I briefly thought about my to-do list, and all that needs to be accomplished today. However, it appears that the more I float, the quicker I can get to the beautiful quiet my soul is begging for. This inner peace is an unexpected bonus of #90FloatsIn90Days.

Surprisingly I am not bored yet. I even contemplated floating again tonight, but that is impracticable.

Picture Credit David Cohen
Get comfortable

One of the questions I get the most is, ‘What do I wear?’ Sometimes I answer the question with a question – ‘What do you wear in the bathtub?’ Then I would tell you that you are in a private room, behind a locked door, GET COMFORTABLE. Removing as many stimuli as possible (clothing, light, sound, smell) opens you up to be able to relax and be open to your inner dialogue. You might find that you have pretty innovative ideas, are exhausted or over-stressed. You might even fall asleep. I have experienced all of this and more in the float.

Picture Cred Mari Lezhava
You mean your aren't a massage parlor?

Bonus - a fun story for you.

We were here working late on Sunday night, and an elderly gentleman tried the door. My husband went out to talk to him and tell him about the spa, what #flotationtherapy is, and when we would be open. It was OBVIOUS from his demeanor that he was not looking for a float or interested in speaking to a man and couldn’t get away from my husband fast enough. He thought we were a massage parlor with blacked-out windows. I have never been so glad that my clever husband was here to talk to a stranger about the benefits of float therapy. I am feeling confident that he will not be back.

Have a great night my #floatyfreinds

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