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You Get One Body - Take Care of It.

Everyone’s experience is different, and I am grateful for the souls that come to float here at #RedLotusFloat and share theirs with me. My experiences have been somewhat subdued compared to some others I have heard! Fortunately, I have learned not to compare but to listen and put the information in my memory banks for someone who may need it. Ironically, many times, it is me!

One young lady told me that she came to the float with an agenda. That she had some bs going on in her life that she needed to sort through. She said that she was able to do just that and felt as though a weight had been lifted. Her friend said that he didn’t think about anything and that was a relief for him. One couple giggled through most of their tandem float. One woman shared with me that when she found herself anxious in the cabin, she gently pushed herself from side to side and that it soothed her. I have shared that will multiple people who told me it was helpful to them. I even tried it myself, it was oddly soothing, #whoknew?! 😊Some people share very little other than they will be back, and others have stayed for an extended time and enjoyed the sanctuary. I intend to spend some time there this week. I have made it my goal to continue to experience this spa with new eyes, as best as I can. I don’t want to become complacent and forget what a beautiful experience was designed to be.

As for my infrared sauna and float experiences. They have certainly been a test of my self-discipline and commitment. There have been days that to get everything I need to get done before we open at 10:00 a.m., I am up at 5:15 and out the door at 5:30 a.m. I have barely been home other than to sleep. I am fortunate that my husband and the occasional friend come visit me here at the float! I am in NO WAY complaining, as I genuinely adore my #newnormal. I am just pointing out that if I did not practice #selfdiscipline, I would definitely have slept in a day or two.

Back to my experiences – they fluctuate. Some mornings 45 minutes in the #InfraredSauna goes by quick. I use the time to do yoga, 15 to 30 minutes, focused on loosening my back, increasing my flexibility, and strengthening my core. I treat myself to my #guiltypleasure, edgy comedians on YouTube, and then something spiritual or business-oriented. There is so much to learn and so little time! Other times, I feel like I can barely make it. I do, however, feel the difference from when I started, and after reading this article, I am glad I have incorporated sauna into my #selfcare!

As for #float, every time is good, but some are spectacular. Today, after leaving the float, I was super spacy and a bit slow to get to my tasks. Thus, the reason I have to give myself extra time. There have been floats where I am super energized and feel as though I could take on a marathon, other times, I am almost too chill, lol. What is noteworthy is that this #meditativetime has begun to change my perspective on life.

For example, two days ago, I was cleaning a few dishes and getting my coffee ready for the morning before going to bed. I was looking at the empty vase that the beautiful flowers my mother had delivered at our Ribbon Cutting and Open House had been delivered in. The vessel itself was dull, thin, weak glass, and not worth keeping. Then a thought came to me, without warning. Our bodies are to our soul what this vase was to the flowers. The flowers were the thing that made the arrangement amazingly beautiful, the vase only gave the bouquet a place to rest. My soul that is what makes me unique and vibrant, this body of mine is only the vessel. While I have heard this before, I never really ‘felt’ it. There I was, late at night in my kitchen, #feeling this age-old lesson. Interestingly, this did not make me feel unattached to my body. It made me respect the job it carries out and deepens my resolve to care for it in return.

The real message here is that I get one body to ride this life out in, I had better take care of it.

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