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Walk through your float session

You will arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment, so that we can give you a tour of the float suites and our other amenities.  During which we will provide you with information and tips for your float and answer any questions you may have. Your Facilitator will make sure that you are comfortable to begin your float and know the cue that you will receive to indicate the float is coming to an end.

After the tour you will go into your private suite and lock the door.  You will disrobe, put in your earplugs, shower to remove hair and body products.  Once out of the shower, you will dry your face and step into the float cabin.

The lights and music can be adjusted to your preference, as discussed prior to your float.  You can go all in, choosing silence and complete darkness, full light and music or anything in between.  You are in control of your experience.

Once in the cabin you will sit down, lie back and relax.  You can steady yourself in the water by reaching out and holding onto the sides of the cabin.  Once you and the water have stabilized, you will slowly move your arms into a position that is comfortable.  

There are many comfortable positions to try; the superman, the scarecrow, the cactus, the robot and many unnamed others.  Your facilitator will be glad to demonstrate some of these positions for you.

We supply halos to rest your neck and head on.  They are not at all necessary, as the salinity in the water will comfortably support ALL of you.  However, if you do not trust that the water will hold you, you may find that you tense your neck up and this is counter-productive to having a relaxing float.  I used one on my first float and about halfway through stopped using it to test it out. I had to figure out for myself that I didn’t need it. We will also provide pool noodles you can use to adjust your floating posture, under your knees, arms, etc.  Again, these are not necessary to float but have proven helpful, especially for pregnant floaters.

Once you have gotten yourself comfortable, all that is left to do is relax and float.  Enjoy this small break in an all too often very noisy and busy world.

When your time is up you will receive the cue that lets you know it is time to step out of the cabin and into the shower.

After the shower you will get dressed and visit the post float room to dry your hair, apply makeup and anything else you need to do to feel put together.  

Next, we highly encourage you to hang out in our Relaxation Room.  Our beautiful Relaxation Room provides a comfortable, enjoyable space to enjoy your post float peace or process your experience.  We provide clean water and a variety of hot teas to enjoy, as increasing your water intake post float helps the body to continue the elimination process.

You will also find other fun surprises, coloring, books and a journal to read about other’s experiences or share your experience with others, if you wish.

One last note.  Personally, I prefer to pay for my float before floating.  I do not like to pull myself out of my super relaxed state to deal with money.  We will process payment prior to your float. However, if you decide you LOVED your float and want to switch from an individual session to a package or membership, that can be taken care of post float and you will still receive benefit of the discount for that float.

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