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Day 1 of 90 – Not Off To A Great Start.

Today was the beginning of my experimental #90floatsin90days. To date, it was my second worst float! Technically, the float itself was lovely. The water and air temperature where on point, the water was its normal silky self and the cabin was quiet. However, I was suffering from full blown #MonkeyMind!


It went something like this . . .

What am I doing?

Do I even know what I am doing?

What if I don’t know what I am doing?

Is this float over yet?

What if I am not ready?

I brought my focus back to my breathing, listening to the rhythmic beating of my heart and the feeling of the rise and fall of my chest.

It will be ok.

It will be ok, right?

It’s too late to back out now, we have a lease.


We need to fix the timing on the lights in the room.

Why can’t I hear the music?

Is the heater working in this cabin?

Breathe Girl! #Relax for goodness sake!

Again, focusing on the sound of my breathing and starting a list.

A list of items I need to talk to Mike about (which I word vomited on him later).

BUT THEN . . .

A little voice said . . . shhhh

Right #NOW it is OK.

Breathe and enjoy the quiet.

Truth be told, I was in the #float for 60 minutes. I probably enjoyed about 20 minutes of it.

I will take it. Practice, not perfection. I did come out with a few tangible tasks to make the float experience better for our customers. It was a good float, even if it was my second worst float.

Tomorrow, I will not panic, I will #breathe and attempt to enjoy the #nothingness.

Tomorrow I will #tryagain.

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