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It could ALWAYS be worse

As we slowly crawl our way to opening, I thought I would share a few of the ‘fun’ challenges we have faced or what they call in the corporate world ‘Opportunities for Growth’. I do this because I know me, I will forget. I am positive I have already forgot some of the non-sense that has come along during this process. I have a fabulous forgetter when it comes to struggle. Honestly, this is, in my opinion, one of my finer qualities. (As previously warned spelling and punctuation are not.)

I will present them in the Boo/Yeah style – giving you the ‘Boo’ what went wrong and the ‘Yeah’ what blessing came out of it or how it could be worse.

Boo – the construction has had many, too many to name, delays.

Yeah – because the ceilings had not been closed yet, we found two leaks that would have wreaked havoc on us later.

Boo – Went to pick up a ceiling fan (the expensive one) from Home Depot and the box was taped up because it was a return. I asked them for a different one and found that was the only one in the store. I asked them to make a note on the box and the receipt, which they did. Went home to unpack it, and of course it was missing the entire face of it.

Yeah – they let me return it – no problem. Even called around to find me another one at a different store. Way to go Home Depot.

Boo – The Infrared Sauna – my mac daddy version that has been on back order for months, finally came in – DAMAGED. It had a hole clean through one of the side panels.

Yeah – Clearlight will replace it and while that means waiting some more, we technically are not open, so hopefully this doesn’t equate to lost revenue.

Boo – The fancy mirrors we ordered for the Post Float Room appeared ‘roughed up’ when we picked them up from the store. We expressed our concerns and asked that they make a note on them. At least one of them is smashed to smithereens. We haven’t opened the others.

Yeah – While there isn’t technically a ‘yeah’ on this, in situations like this, I like to imagine it would have broke later at an even more inconvenient time! Thus, ultimately, saving me headache by being broke now, not later. Now, I realize that to a sane person, this type of thinking might seem odd, but it helps me not to lose my ever-loving mind.

Technically, so many things have gone ‘RIGHT’ that it would be too many words for a blog. So, I am still hopeful and excited.

The real message here – it could ALWAYS be worse.

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