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know how to take a punch and still stay on your feet

It has been a discouraging few days. Plans needed to be adjusted, accidents happened, destruction of already placed construction and endless red tape with the landlord. My poor husband has had to call Superior Float and tell them we need to push back the delivery date AGAIN. This has happened more times that we care to mention. Every time he delivers the news to me, he looks like a sad puppy dog. We continue to get the questions; ‘are you open yet?’ or ‘when are you going to be open?’ from all our friends. I imagine that maybe people think I am making up the Red Lotus at this point, lol.

Yesterday my “Thought of the Day” was an old boxing adage, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.” So, the challenge for today is to take the punches, still stay focused on the vision, breathe and figure out a new plan. It is natural to be discouraged from time to time as obstacles arise. However, staying there has never been productive. Today, we focus on the solution and a new plan.

The real message here – it is important to know how to take a punch and still stay on your feet.

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