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Let your mistakes be stepping stones, not stumbling blocks.

We are approaching the finish line, or more appropriately the Starting Line! With each passed inspection, construction goal completed, product decision and purchase, we get closer! I have learned so much, some of it painfully, but hey, a toddler doesn’t learn to walk without falling down a few times!

I have learned that you must research each one of these above mentioned milestones (thank goodness for Google) before entering into an agreement. I have often trusted that ‘professionals’ would best be able to advise us. That largely hasn’t proven to be true. Many things that professionals take for common knowledge, aren’t things I know.

Case in point – I have these beautiful designs on the windows, which turned out as lovely as I had envisioned. However, we did not discuss the placement of the designs being on the inside or the outside of the window. I assumed that the window treatments would be on the ‘inside’ of the building, where I had control of them. The vendor created them to be placed on the outside of the window and because it was not discussed or outlined in the proof process, the designs are on the outside. I have to ‘trust’ that passersby and the weather do not destroy them. Since I did not educate myself, I have a product that is not what I hoped it would be. The good news is that it looks great now and I am excited to see what it looks like once we open the windows!

Digging our new windows treatments!

On the other hand, some vendors have been extremely informative and helpful. I am very grateful for those interactions and these helpful business men and women. I always appreciate the opportunity to get educated and make informed decisions.

This week is focused on clearing more inspections, finishing walls and putting up the lights.

The real message here: Let your mistakes be stepping stones, not stumbling blocks.

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